How to fully copy Blu-ray movies for LG BE12LU30 with lossless quality

Diana Joan

Apr 24, 2015 09:20 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: BD/DVD Tools

“Help, please! The particular disc is “Viktoria Mullova – Sonata and partitas for Solo Violin” which is a commercial blu-ray for professional use (screening in our theater). The blu-ray reader used is a LG super multi blue – Be12lu30. Can you provide some more information about how to play any Blu-ray on LG BE12LU30? Thank you for the help.”

There are many external Blu-ray rewrite drives to choose from and LG BE12LU30 is been highly recommended. The reason you bought the LG BE12LU30 because it had the features you were looking for: an external drive capable of fast read/write speeds for CD, DVD and BD discs of various types. At the same time, the ability to print a label on the disc using LightScribe technology is fascinating. People do like the blue read/write activity light on the front and the stand that allows it to be placed in a vertical position to minimize the space taken up on the desktop.

Though you are impressed by this excellent Blu-ray reader, you may not be able play all of your Blu-ray discs within it because of disc copyright protections, such as AACS, BD+, and region code, which prevent users from freely playing Blu-ray movies on LG BE12LU30 Blu-ray player. How to enable any Blu-ray for LG BE12LU30 without limitation? You need remove disc protection and backup Blu—ray to LG BE12LU30 for viewing. Below is a brief guide.

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How-to: Fully Backup Blu-ray to LG BE12LU30 without Quality Loss

Step 1. Free download and install Pavtube BDMagic on your computer. This Blu-ray tool is considered as the best Blu-ray ripping tool with the ability of backing up commercial Blu-ray discs without quality loss. All movie contents including video stream, playlist, disc menu, extras, and more are preserved in the same quality as source disc.


Step 2. Insert Blu-ray into your Blu-ray disc drive, launch the software, and import Blu-ray by clicking “Load Disc” button.

Step 3. Choose LG BE12LU30 supported format. In order to fully backup your Blu-ray, choose “copy the entire disc” button on software main UI and start copying Blu-ray from disc to computer hard drive.

Tip: There are only 3 times for trial version to fully backup your Blu-rays, and to get more attempts you need get a full version of Pavtube BDMagic.

When the Blu-ray to LG BE12LU30 backup process completes, open output folder and you will find the copied Blu-ray movie there. Now you can smoothly play the Blu-ray movie on LG BE12LU30 without any hassle.

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