3 Novel Blu-ray Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Diana Joan

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Have You Worried About Your Blu-ray Discs Space?

More and more people like to enjoy the movies or music by Blu-ray disc, because Blu-way extra capacity combined with the use of advanced video and audio codecs will bring consumers an unprecedented HD experience. And it can fit more data on the disc even though it’s the same size as a CD/DVD. It can storage much data than DVD or CD, It uses the advanced technology. It is widespread. Of course! These are all true. However, a plastic Blu-way disc is 120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick, Maybe it is not big, If you collect 100 or 500 Blu-way discs, they will occupy big space, how to store them with small space? you are rich enough to clear a special room for storing them, it must be perfect, but few people can do that. We need to find novel Blu-ray?storage ways to do. Here will share some ways with you.

Idea 1. Store Blu-ray with a Big Blank Blu-ray

Most of a Blu-ray just store one movie, if you are crazy about watching Blu-ray movies and collecting abundant of them, how to store them with small space? we can store all kinds of movie in one big Blu-ray to reduce the storage space. in another words, you can watch 3-5 movies in one Blu-ray disc instead of 3 Blu-ray discs or 5 Blu-ray discs. How to do? Just you need install a Blu-ray copying tool and a big blank Blu-ray disc. then follow the steps to copy them to one blank blu-ray disc.

Firstly. When you choose the copying tool, you may think about these factors:

>>Copying quality: You must want to output the 100% high copy quality.

>>Copying speed: With the high network speed, if the copy copying tool is not powerful, it’s vain, the big Blu-ray will take you the long time to do the job.

>>Copying Security: During the copying, if the Blu-ray is affected by something you don’t know, how to do?

there is too many copying tools, you can search online to choose one stable copying tool. You can make a 1:1 physical Blu-ray copy, but if you want the the storage space is smaller than before, you must copy the main title movie not the total one, It’s very important. about the detailed operations, you can click here to follow(a article will teach you 3 ways to copy Blu-ray with lossless).

Secondly. How to choose a big blank Blu-ray? You will take time to choose the suitable blank Blu-ray, here will introduce some Blu-ray category for you.

BD-R and BD-R LTH record data one time only, then the disc is only readable

BD-R DL have twice the storage capacity of BD-R and BD-R LTH, data is recorded once, then the disc is only readable

BD-R XL has twice the stoarge capacity of BD-R DL, data is recorded once, then the disc is only readable

BD-RE allow you to record and re-write data up to 1,000 times

dvd format

Idea 2. Store Blu-ray on Hardware for Small Space

If you like to play Blu-ray movies on HDTV/Smart TV via Hard drive/ipad, you can take this way. You can get the Best Blu-ray to other formats for storing on Hard drive. I recommend you Pavtube ByteCopy, which is a powerful software, you can copy your Blu-ray or DVD with it, you can convert your blu-ray to any formats to store and play on any portable devices, you also can watch your Blu-ray on it directly and don’t worry about the region code production. Bytecopy is very stable, you don’t worry the break off when you are going on the operation. If you buy this software and have some problems, you can also contact with the customer service at any time. Bytecopy also can output the format with 100% lossless quality and high speed, you can also deal with abundant Blu-ray discs at the same time. About the more information, you can refer to here. If you want to try first before buying it, you can install the free version firstly and here is MKV for example to show you the basic operation. There is also too many preponderant points for you to store the Blu-ray on the devices. Such as:

–Save Space. You can save much room space.You don’t worry the room space if you store them in the devices.

–Search Quickly. As usual, it will take you much time to find your favourite Blu-ray movie from the mass of Blu-ray discs. If you store them on devices, you can find one Blu-ray movie with mouse click quickly.

–Protect Video Quality. Blu-ray is scratched or broken down by accident or by your piquant children if you put them on the bookcase. If you put them on the concealed places like drawer, sometime the Blu-ray will have much dust.

Rip Blu-ray to MKV for Storage on Hard drive

Step 1. Load source Blu-ray disc

Insert Blu-ray disc into the BD drive. then open Blu-ray software on your PC, At the home interface, click the disc icon to import your Blu-ray movies.And Bytecopy can detect the Blu-ray main title automatically.

bytecopy interface

Step 2. Choose output format

Select MKV as the output format. Click on menu list of “Format” and choose the “Common video > MKV(Matroska)Video(*.mkv)”. You can also choose the “MKV HD Video(*.mkv)” from the HD Video list. Click the “Browse”, you can choose the output file save location.

mkv format

Step 3. Start converting Blu-ray to Hard Drive

Finally click the Convert button to begin ripping Blu-ray to Hard Drive video format. After the conversion is finished, if you forget the save location, click”Open” button to quickly find the output movies. Hard Drive will recognize, and play these Blu-ray files.

Actually, you can convert Blu-ray to any formats that your storage devices or players can support, then store them to any devices. I have summarized the popular storage ways on different devices for your reference as the following.

–No 1: Store on the USB. Flash drives are small, widely compatible, cheap and relatively affordable.There are 3 ways to do: Full Disc Copy Blu-ray, Directly Copy Blu -ray, Convert Blu-ray to MP4/MKV/MOV to USB Flash Drive.

–No 2: Store on the NAS. You can digitalize you?Blu-ray/DVD collection to NAS. This behavior gives you many benefits: free space at your home, more convenient management and organization, safer storage…

–No 3: Store on Android/iOS/Media Players. You can store them on the portable devices when you go outside or trip.

–No 4: Store on iPad. Now iPad is popular among people, you can watch the movie, listen the music, work or have online meeting with it.

–No 5: Store on Personal Cloud. The Personal Cloud is a cool, secure place to load and store all of your favorite music and movies along with a lifetime of photos.

Idea 3. Store Blu-ray by Arranging Room Structure

Above ways is about the Blu-ray body. Most of people don’t like the electronic storage way, they are fond of watching movies or listen to the music with the Blu-ray disc. Also Putting these disc on the study or the drawing room, we can found the room full of artistic breath. the room is also beautiful. So how to arrange the room structure to make the room comfortable and save the space at the same time? I recommend you 3 ways to do.If you are not satisfied with 3 ways, you can refer to here(this article is about DVd, but the way can be used in Blu-ray, they are similar)

Top 1: Beautiful Wall. Sometimes, we often hung the picture on the wall. You can buy some DVD storage shelves or cabinet online, then put your Blu-ray discs on it. This can make the wall more beautiful.

Top 2: Special Stairs. The stairs is often forgoten by people, maybe it’s the time for you to take full advantage of it, you can arrange your Blu-ray disc under the stair, it can help you to save much space.

Top 3: Unexpected Bed. A bed should be a haven from life’s chaos, a place to relax and unwind. If you sleep with the Blu-ray under your bed, you feel you are immersed in the movie world,so great.

Whatever any ways: You can store the Blu-way with small space with Bytecopy, because you can choose the main title to copy or convert the Blu-way to other popular format which can reduce the store space,then store the output files to some devices.Or by changing the room Structure, we all can store the Blu-ray with small space. I believe Bytecopy will be your best assistant.

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