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How to Play Blu-ray disc on Mac Mini?

Diana Joan

Jun 27, 2017 10:21 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Apple, Blu-ray, NAS, Samsung

Most Mac users have brought new Mac Mini and connect it to HD LCDTV for movie enjoyment. However, we know Apple’s never going to bring Blu-ray to the Mac, in other words, you have collected plenty of Blu-rays, it’s difficult for you to use the Mac Mini to enjoy Blu-ray on TV. It’s a long way that waiting Apple to support Blu-ray on Mac. Will miss the chance to watch Blu-ray on Mac Mini? Of course not, we have found 2 ways to play Blu-ray on Mac Mini, following will tell you how to realize this great idea.

Solution 1: Watch Blu-ray on Mac Mini by a Blu-ray Drive

Blu-ray disc is need the Blu-ray drive. Mac mini have provided some USB ports, you cannot play any Blu-Ray disc on any Mac mini, unless you buy a drive and software...

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Watch blu-ray on Apple TV 5 from iTunes

Diana Joan

Sep 20, 2016 05:44 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Apple, Blu-ray, TV, TV Box

According to Apple product release tradition, the next Apple TV – the 5th-generation Apple TV, or Apple TV 5 should be coming. Indeed, there are already rumours that a next-generation Apple TV might arrive in late 2016, although Apple could also be waiting until next year to release a special model to celebrate the Apple TV’s 10th birthday.

Here’s when the four generations of Apple TV launched:

  • 1st-gen Apple TV: January 2007
  • 2nd-gen Apple TV: September 2010
  • 3rd-gen Apple TV: March 2012
  • 4th-gen Apple TV: September 2015

However, this guide will leave the rumour to you but will give you the information necessary for ripping Blu-ray collections into iTunes using Blu-ray ripping tool so that you can watch Blu-ray movies on your Apple TV 5G or the older Apple TV 4/3/2/1 later without Blu-ray...

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