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Best MakeMKV Alternative to Rip DVD

Diana Joan

Nov 19, 2018 07:19 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, DVD

Having films and other video stored on DVD and Blu-ray disc is great in many respects, but it is also somewhat restrictive. If you want to watch a particular video on a laptop that does not have a built in optical drive, you are a bit stuck for options, but MakeMKV is a tool that can help you to overcome this and other problems. There are numerous tools available that can be used to convert discs into video files, but this one is incredibly easy to use.

Why need to find a MakeMKV alternative to rip DVD?

– MakeMKV only output DVD to MKV file format, when you want MP4 or other popular file formats, you will still need to download Handbrake to perform the conversion.
– The MKV format produced with MakeMKV was up to 6GB, which is too large to play or share...

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Magic DVD Ripper Best Alternative

Diana Joan

Sep 25, 2018 06:35 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, DVD

General review of Magic DVD Ripper

As an easy and very powerful DVD ripping software tool, Magic DVD Ripper can convert copy protected DVD to various popular digital file formats including VCD, SVCD, AVI(Xvid, Divx), WMV, MP3, MPEG2, MP4 (for iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3 or smartphone etc mp4 player) or backup DVD to hard drive without any loss of quality. So that you can enjoy DVD movies anytime and anywhere without inserting DVDs or burn them to blank DVD or CD using burning software.

Why need to find a Magic DVD Ripper alternative?

1. Only available for the Windows platform
2. Only support to load DVD disc but not Video_TS folder and DVD IFO/ISO file
3. Very limited output formats and devices
4. Offer no video editing options
5. Slow DVD ripping speed

Related article: DVDFab Blu-ray Ripp...

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MacTheRipper Best Alternative

Diana Joan

Sep 17, 2018 03:46 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative

MacTheRipper is a Mac OS X application that enables users to create a playable copy of the content of a Video DVD by defeating the Content Scramble System. During this process, it may optionally modify or disable the DVD region code or the User operation prohibition features of the copied data. The current version release it version 2.6.6, which is the real free DVD Ripping software.

Why need a MacTheRipper alternative?

For Mac users who have large collection of old classic or newly released DVD movies, you may find that MacTheRipper not satisfy your great demand due to the following reasons:

– MacTheRipper doesn’t work on Mac OS X newer than Snow Leopard. But Currently, a lot of people have updated their Mac OS to the new macOS High Sierra or macOS Sierra.
– The DRM disabling qualit...

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Best VOB2MPG Alternatives for Widows and Mac

Diana Joan

Jan 02, 2018 12:27 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative

For many DVD collectors, one DVD ripper is needed which can convert the DVD ti common digital videos, you can play the videos on various devices and some popular video players. VOB2MPG is a good DVD ripper which can DVD to MPG file. It can go through a whole DVD VIDEO_TS folder and joins up the various vobsets to produce MPGs for the different titles. Some users complain that: I am not able to successfully download the software after several attempts I gave up to write this piece. Each attempt I get this message: SERVICE UNAVAILABLE: HTTP Error 503. They are searching for the best VOB2MPG alternatives which can get the best videos from the DVDs. Fortunately, we find the top 3 best VOB2MPG alternatives which can help you to get the perfect DVD ripping experience.

NO 1...

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Best VidCoder Alternatives

Diana Joan

Dec 26, 2017 06:55 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative

If you know the Handbrake, you may know the VidCoder which uses HandBrake as its encoding engine, is a friendly DVD, Blu-ray and any video file to MP4/MKV video converter. You can convert the DVDs, ISO, VIDEO_TS and Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV. Burn-in/Hardcode srt subtitles. Multi-threaded, H.264/AVC encoding with x264 and H.265/HEVC with x265. However, you still can’t other video formats except the MP4 and MKV, at the same time, Vidcoder can not rip or decrypt most commercial DVDs and Blu-rays! Most users are searching for the wonderful VidCoder alternatives which can make up the flaws.

Best VidCoder Alternative-Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

If you want to get a powerful DVD and Blu-ray ripper, you can try the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate which has the high compatibility, you can inst...

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Get the MakeMKV v1.10.7 for Copying DVD

Diana Joan

Oct 10, 2017 07:51 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative

Good news, on September 4, 2017, the latest MakeMKV v1.10.7 is coming which supports the Windows, Mac OS, Linux OS well. As a free DVD and Blu-ray ripper, MakeMKV does the remarkable job on ripping DVD and Blu-ray to MKV with high quality. You can
convert DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs that you own into MKV. MakeMKV also can remux/change the video clips from the disk into a set of MKV files, preserving most information but not changing it in any way(no video and audio reconversion). let’s review the latest MakeMKV v1.10.7.

MakeMKV v1.10.7 Overview in 2017

*Latest version: 1.10.7 Beta (September 4, 2017)


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Best MakeMKV Alternative: Ripping 4K UHD Blu-ray Movies

Diana Joan

Apr 03, 2017 03:21 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Hot Topics, NAS

Since the 4K Blu-ray has been released, Blu-ray movie fan is crazy to collect 4K Blu-ray released movies, such as: La La Land, Underworld, The Expendable, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc. Sitting or lying on the couch with coke and popcorn to watch a perfect or romantic or thrilling 4K Blu-ray movie, it’s so wonderful. But you can’t ignore the potential risk, for example: Have you drop out the 4K Blu-ray from the high shelf which cause the 4K Blu-ray disc is cracked? Have you splashed the water or drink on the 4K Blu-ray disc? Can you store the 4K Blu-ray disc forever without any damage?

4b bd movie

MakeMKV: Ripping Released 4K Blu-ray Movies

You can loss the beloved 4K Blu-ray because of various uncertain factors...

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Rip Blu-ray on Windows 10 with MakeMKV Alternative

Diana Joan

Nov 09, 2016 07:17 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Blu-ray

If you ask me which is the best Windows 10 Blu-ray Ripper, I will say MakeMKV. But MakeMKV has a huge drawback that MakeMKV only can rip Blu-ray to MKV on Windows 10. MKV is a video container that can include various video, audio and subtitle streaming, which likely lead video playback issue on media player.

1. MKV with DVD VOBsub and Blu-ray PGS subtitles will play on Kodi with bad subtitle look. See how to play MKV in Kodi with perfect subtitle.

2. MKV with DTS audio can’t be played on some HD TV via USB with perfect audio unless you convert MKV DTS to MKV AAC/AC3 audio. See how to convert MKV DTS to MKV AAC/AC3.

3. DivX MKV can’t be played on PS4 before you change the video codec to H.264/MPEG-4. See how to play MKV on PS4 without hassle?

So, is there any Blu-ray Ripper that can per...

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MakeMKV Alternative on macOS High Sierra

Diana Joan

Nov 07, 2016 08:46 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Blu-ray, NAS

MakeMKV would be the best Blu-ray Ripper on the marker and is also the most popular one among people. With the upgrad of the new Mac system macOS Sierra, you need to upgrade MakeMKV to the latest version, otherwise, you can’t rip Blu-ray with MakeMKV on macOS Sierra. Actually, there are many other applications that can replace MakeMKV on macOS Sierra to decrypt Blu-ray and these alternatives also can convert Blu-ray not only MKV but also MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. So, let’s see top 5 MakeMKV alternatives and similar tools on macOS Sierra.

MakeMVK alternatives for macOS Sierra

Top 5 MakeMKV Replacement Applications on macOS Sierra

Top 1: Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac

ByteCopy is a professional Blu-ray DVD converter that convert movies to MKV, MP4, MOV with various subtitles and audio tracks on Mac...

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Alternative to Windows Media Center – Watch My Movies

Diana Joan

Sep 09, 2016 05:41 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Hot Topics

Microsoft has announced that after a dozen years, it would no longer include support for Windows Media Center (WMC) in Windows 8/10. To get it, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and purchase the Media Center Pack. And Windows 10 doesn’t have it at all.If you’re using Windows 8 or 10 and don’t want to buy two separate upgrades just to use a program that once came standard with Windows, you can try one of these alternative media center applications for your HTPC.

Windows Media Center

PC-based WMC alternatives

Kodi/XBMC now runs on a great variety of operating systems and hardware. It supports ARM and Intel processors, Windows, OS X, and several shades of Linux. There’s even the Linux variant OpenElec, a purpose-built version of Linux for running Kodi that’s light enough to run on a Raspberry Pi...

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HandBrake 1.0.7 Alternative – Convert DVD on Windows 10 easy and fast

Diana Joan

Apr 25, 2015 03:41 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Blu-ray

Handbrake is a freeware that lets you convert various DVD into MP4 or MKV format. Good News is that HandBrake 1.0.7 has been released now! Have you upgraded your Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 consumer preview version to have a try and wonder if HandBrake 1.0.7 supports ripping DVD on Windows 10 or not?

Learn more about Handbrake >>

In fact, HandBrake for Windows 10 is somehow incompatible, after upgrading to Windows 10, some uses run into the problem that this free DVD Ripper software cannot running or open on Windows 10, or even annoyed by its extremely slow conversion process, “taking longer to complete than the clip took to run”. Despite of how many users thumb up HandBrake, I should remind you to notice the system requirement only supporting Windows Vista to 8...

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Get Best Yosemite MakeMKV Alternative to Rip Blu-ray to MKV Losslessly

Diana Joan

Feb 24, 2015 05:25 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Blu-ray

Question: Does anyone know of an alternative to MakeMKV for ripping Blu-Rays to MKV in OS X Yosemite 10.10? I tried the demo and came across some discs that it would not rip. I don’t really want to pony up the $$$ if it’s not going to work with all of my discs. If only Handbrake would support protected Blu-Ray!

MakeMKV is well known for the ability to rip your DVDs and Blu-ray discs and store them in an open-source MKV file. You can imagine how depressed and hopeless users have been feeling since MakeMKV failed to work on OS X Yosemite. So, ever considered looking for a MakeMKV alternative to convert Blu-ray to MKV much easier, especially on Mac OS X Yosemite? If so, find out in the following paragraphs.

The best MakeMKV alternative for ripping Blu-ray movies on Mac (Yosemite supported) we ...

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Get Best CloneDVD Alternative to Backup copy-protected DVD Movies

Diana Joan

Feb 17, 2015 06:32 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Blu-ray

CloneDVD is a very popular software to help us make backup copies of any DVD movie. However, it can only work together with other DVD-decryption programs like AnyDVD. But I think you probably would be unsatisfied with the complex operation and the extra pay. Frustrated? Don’t worry, there is a great CloneDVD alternative that you can also use to rip, copy and convert commercial DVDs to any format and device on Mac/Win bypassing DVD copy protection effortlessly.

The excellent alternative I recommend here is Pavtube DVDAid. It has Windows and Mac version and fully compatible with Windows 8.1 and Yosemite 10.10...

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Alternative to DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac- Effortlessly Backup Blu-ray Disc

Diana Joan

Feb 17, 2015 05:32 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Blu-ray

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac is a very popular proprietary Blu-ray copy software for Mac OS to help you make backup copies of any Blu-ray movie on Mac with just one or a few clicks. However, it seems that this Blu-ray copying tool can’t meet all users’ needs for its complex operation, the limited input and output format, etc. What’s even worse, DVDFab removed decryption functionality from their software from last year.

Well, if you are looking for DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac alternative to backup your Blu-ray movies on Yosemite/Mavericks, you will be lucky enough to find one from this article.

There are several great alternatives out there, and the top outstanding one is Pavtube BDMagic for Mac/ByteCopy for Mac for copying protected Blu-rays on on Mac...

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Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 – Not what Handbrake does? Get Alternative!

Diana Joan

Dec 08, 2014 08:24 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Alternative, Video Tools

1. Download HandBrake 0.10.0 

The final build for 2014 new HandBrake 0.10.0 is almost there and HandBrake 0.10.0 beta 4 now is available for download, giving all users the opportunity to find out bugs so that the developers can work out all the issues. Now we will do the HandBrake 0.10.0 ripping Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 test. 

Before testing, download new beta of HandBrake 0.10.0 for Windows or Mac here. Note: Windows XP is no longer supported. 

HandBrake 0.10.0 for Mac (For Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9): Download (Intel 64bit) 

HandBrake 0.10.0 for Windows (For Windows Vista, 7 and 8.x): Download (64 bit)Download (32 bit) 


2. HandBrake 0.10.0 Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 Test 

Learn how to create a high definition 1080p MP4 file with H.264 video from Blu-ray with the best quality/size ratio possible ...

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