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2017 Best Portable DVD Players Reviews

Diana Joan

Aug 08, 2017 09:06 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Review

Now, it’s the streaming media world, more and more digital videos occupy the market. However, for lots of folks, DVD movies are still the main important entertainment, especially when they are on the road, flights, on a car, or any other type of occasion, watching DVD movies can kill the long and boring waiting time. You can take a portable DVD Player which can make your journey more interesting. When you want to buy one portable DVD players or replace the old one, what features should you think about? How to choose the best and cheap portable DVD Player? We have provides some useful tips for you and made a list of the top 10 portable DVD players below.

Tips for Choosing a Portable DVD Player

A: Dimensions of Compatibility

When you plan to use the portable DVD Player as a device that y...

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Reviews of the Top 3 Free DVD Copy for Windows 10

Diana Joan

Feb 27, 2017 06:18 pm / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: DVD, Hot Topics, Review

Windows 10 has finished its official version. Windows 10 has very good built-in copy feature, like the previous versions of Windows. But the operation is complicated and only provides the limited video and audio options. Today, DVD has becomed an important entertainment in our daily life, If we want to have more options on DVD because of it’s fragility, easy damaged, scrached, etc, we’ll have to install a third professional free DVD copy software for Windows 10. I have collected much free DVD copy software data from the installation steps, user’s experience, professional reviews and FAQ from it’s official website, top 3 free DVD copy softwares for Windows 10 in 2017 is shared here.

Free DVDAid for Windows 10

Price: Free

Supported Windows System: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/...

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2017 Top DVD to Lossless MKV Rippers Review

Diana Joan

Jun 07, 2016 02:14 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Blu-ray, DVD, Review

Are you in the embarrassing situation that you have collected so many DVD discs stacking in the cupboard, however, you don’t want to sell them even though the overflowed discs made your wife glare at you? Now, it is the time to migrate tons of DVD discs to attic or basement after backed up all the DVDs to lossless MKV.

dvd to mkv converter

Why copy DVD to lossless MKV?

Reason 1: Keep original DVD quality

MKV is such a flexible container format that supports various codes, including H.264, MPEG-2, AC3, etc. Almost all DVD movies are saved as MPEG-2 encoded .vob files with AC3 audio, in that case MKV is mostly compatible with DVD movies and it is possible to keep original MPEG-2 video codec when converting DVD VOB clips to MKV container without en-decoding, lossless video quality is retained.


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2017 Best Blu-ray to NAS Ripper/Copier Reviews

Diana Joan

Jan 22, 2016 07:08 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Blu-ray, NAS, Review

Do you want to backup Blu-ray to NAS then to stream the Blu-ray movies to HD TV via TV Box via wireless? In this way, you can protect your Blu-ray discs from scratching and destroying. Here shows you top Blu-ray to NAS ripping and copying tool to help you copy Blu-ray to FreeNAS, Synology NAS, ASUSTOR NAS , QNAP NAS, etc.

blu-ray to nas

Great home theater isn’t just about the biggest, smartest TV or the most sophisticated sound system. It’s also about the freedom to store all of your favorite content even your Blu-ray collection in one safe place and watch it any time, on any device, from anywhere you happen to be. Sounds difficulty and don’t know how to achieve it? Then let’s start with NAS.

NAS (network attached storage) centralizes your media, streamlines your system, and gives you the best option ...

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2017 Top Blu-ray to Cloud Storage Copier Review

Diana Joan

Jan 19, 2016 06:28 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Blu-ray, Cloud, Review

Cloud Storage, like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc,  makes media playback more convenient. Putting your favorite movies into one Cloud Storage and you can view them on your several multimedia players only if you can log into the cloud account. This feature attracts people not only attach local digital files to cloud storage, but also want to migrate Blu-ray to cloud storage so that all the Blu-ray movies always accessible in multimedia devices. 

To help people achieve the goal, here, the article picks out the best Blu-ray to cloud storage copier after tested many similar Blu-ray Rippers in the market. Finally, we select Pavtube BDMagic to be 2017 the best Blu-ray to cloud storage ripper and copier.

What can Pavtube BDMagic give you?

1. Powerful Blu-ray Decryption Technology

Remove all co...

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Top 3D TV Review- Watch 3D Movies on 3D TV

Diana Joan

Oct 13, 2015 02:42 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Review, TV, Video Tools

Many factors affect the need of a 3D TV. For example, Hollywood blockbusters are often made with 3D viewing in mind, optimized to deliver an immersive 3D experience. With a 3D TV in your living room, you can relive the excitement of the theater in your home. However, facing with numerous 3D TVs on the market, people get confused that which 3D TV deserves their money. Check out our list of the best 3D TVs for some of the most advanced features and picture performance, you maybe get some hints about which 3D TV you should buy.

Before the top 3D TV review, there are three rules you have to figure out:

1. Don’t rely on the spec sheet to provide hints on which TV will perform better than another. Picture quality is not determined by the published specs.


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2017 Review: Top 5 Best Selling Windows/Mac Blu-ray Rippers

Diana Joan

Aug 22, 2014 06:25 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Hot Topics, Review

Blu-ray video is known for its excellent video quality and incredible capacity, and is favored by video fans around the globe. When you need to save the content of a Blu-ray disc into another format for further editing, backup, sharing or playback or copy the Blu-ray onto your hard disk, the most appropriate solution is to use a best-selling Blu-ray ripping software.

Top 5 Blu-ray Rippers

What are the Top 5 Best Selling Windows/Mac Blu-ray Rippers in 2017?

According to industrial surveys, online response, user feedbacks and ownership recently, Pavtube ByteCopy, Pavtube BDMagic, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus), Leawo Blu-ray Ripper,Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper shall be crowned the top-rated 5 Blu-ray Ripper for Windows/Mac users.

Top 5 Blu-ray Rippers for Win/Mac Ranking and Review:

No. 1 Pavtube ByteCopy – Perfect...

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