Rip (HD/3D/4K) Blu-ray with Forced Subtitles on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

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Blu-ray movies is more and more popular among people, which provides different types, like: HD Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray, etc. As known to all, movie is contacted with subtitles which can help user to understand the movie content well. Subtitles usually displayed at the bottom of the screen which are common on Blu-ray movies. The most common type of subtitle is narrative subtitle, in which spoken dialogue is displayed.

Comparing with narrative subtitle, forced subtitles often appear in Blu-ray movies, like Star Wars, Avatar, etc. Forced subtitles mean that movie only provide subtitles when the characters speak a foreign or alien language, or a sign, flag, or other text in a scene is not translated in the localization and dubbing process. Subtitles also can occupy some screen space, most user want to rip (HD/3D/4K) Blu-ray with forced subtitles for watching the Blu-ray movie with more wide screen, without the subtitles and keep the forced subtitles to grasp the movie details.

How to do that remove the local language subtitle from Blu-ray and don’t miss these text information brought by the forced subtitles? This sounds so difficult, subtitles are set in the video well by movie marker, as a Blu-ray user, how to change the subtitles complicated structure and keep the whole Blu-ray movie? A good Blu-ray Ripper can help you to rip (HD/3D/4K) Blu-ray with forced subtitles, Pavtube Bytecopy for Mac can help you on this, which is easy to master and provides user powerful subtitles operation.

Do you want to do more on subtitles? Sometimes, you take a video and want to send to your friends for sharing, how about adding subtitles in video which can make the video special? This Blu-ray ripper can realize this, just enter the editing menu, you can add the different type subtitles in video, such as: SRT, ASS, SSA.

Some Blu-ray movies subtitles are so wonderful, like: Game of Thrones, do you want to keep the wonderful dialogue subtitls? This Blu-ray ripper can satisfy you too, just in the "Format" drop down list, you can extract the Blu-ray SRT subtitles for enjoyment. Actually, this Blu-ray ripper is more powerful than your imagination, you can read the review to know more. Here just show you how to rip Blu-ray with forced subtitles.

How to Rip (HD/3D/4K) Blu-ray with Forced Subtitles?

Step 1. Load Blu-ray movie to the Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac (macOS High Sierra)

Connect Blu-ray drive with Mac via USB cable, and place the blu-ray disc you want to rip in Blu-ray drive. Run the Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac, click “BD/DVD Folder” to import standard Blu-ray movie. When you load the Blu-ray movie, the Blu-ray Ripper software can detect the main title automatically.

load bd

Step 2. Set Forced Subtitles for chapters you want to rip.

At the bottom of this Blu-ray Ripper software, there is a Subtitles column, click and open the drop down list, you can see many choices for subtitle language, there are 2 ways for you to do

Way 1. If the Blu-ray only have one subtitle language, like: French, you can select "No Subtitle" in the Subtitles column, you’ll find there are no subtitles when previewing. then check "Force Subtitles" which allows you to omit narrative subtitles but maintain the forced subtitles in Blu-ray.

no subtitles

Way 2. There are many different subtitle language in Blu-ray, such as: English, French, Japanese, etc. You can specify a language as Force Subtitles language, for example: your native language is English, you can choose English in "Subtitle" pull-down list, and check "Force Subtitle", the Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac can rip the Blu-ray with forced subtitles which is in English. If you want to watch the force subtitle with other language, you can choose any language from the "Subtitle".


Step 3. Choose Blu-ray output format.

This Blu-ray Ripper not only can remove all the Blu-ray protection, like CSS, UOP, region code, etc, users also can rip blu-ray movies to MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, TS, MOV, M4V, etc from “Format” bar. There are 250+ output video formats are waiting for you. As Mac user, best choice is to rip Blu-ray with MOV for playing on QuickTime.


Step 4. Rip Blu-ray with forced subtitles on Mac.

When all the setting is done, go back to the main interface and click "Convert" which is at the right side, then start ripping Blu-ray with forced subtitles on Mac.The ripping time is short, just wait for a while, you can enjoy the Blu-ray with forced subtitles on Mac.

Is it easy to do? Ripping Blu-ray with forced subtitles on Mac is a complicated tack, you don’t worry about the advanced technology and principle of realization, all the tasks this Blu-ray Ripper will handle for you. Just need to wait the perfect result and enjoy the Blu-ray with forced subtitles on Mac.

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