Why Can’t Your DVD Player Read DVD?

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Why Can’t Your DVD Player Read DVD?

We are familiar with DVD, we use it to listen to music, enjoy the movies, we often play DVD with DVD player at home, The big TV screen bring us the magic visual experience. when you get a beloved DVD movie and want to be immerse in it on your sofa by DVD player. The TV screen is blank. You may say “oh, come on”

Maybe you just want to stay at home and relax your mind and body with DVD movie and snacks, this problem is just like a huge disaster to you. Your sunny weekend become black weekend. Don’t be down. Here will show you all the possibility why your DVD player can’t read DVD.

First, we should know the operation principle of DVD player, then we can use exclusive method to find the question point from the following DVD player operating flow chart. This way is a little slow but is also the best way to solve the problem without any omitting. Firstly, you should insert your DVD. Then the DVD drive will detect the DVD. Finally, you can play the DVD with DVD player. By the way, before we go to the main body, please check your DVD player is connected to your TVs well, all the relevant power and connectors are normal.

DVD player flow chart

The Source is OK?

Source is DVD. Some commonsense about DVD is helpful for us to find the root cause.DVD normal format is MPEG-2, some DVD is protected by region code or CSS(Content Scramble System). If your DVD player can’t remove these production, it will be failed to play DVD.

DVD Coding Production

DVD region code

Another possibility that DVD player can’t read DVD is maybe your DVD is damaged by your wrong operation or other external factor, such as the disc is dirty with fingerprints or smudges. You can clean it with cloth. We all know that if the DVD is damaged, the DVD driver mustn’t detect the DVD when it is inserted into DVD drive.

The Middle Side is OK?

The middle device is DVD drive, it is very important to DVD player just like your heart to you. If DVD drive doesn’t work,all your work is vain. A DVD drive can’t work any more, we can analyze it from the hardware:DVD drive body and software: DVD driver software.

Firstly, how to judge the normal and abnormal DVD drive? Do you know the DVD drive structure? Maybe you have seen the DVD drive for many times, but you may not really know about it. DVD drive consists of two main ports: Laser Pickup Assembly and Laser Lens, other parts are also important, but you just need to make sure the two main parts, it’s enough.

DVD drive structure

Laser Pickup Assembly: It emits a beam to be reflected off a DVD or CD to be picked up by an optical sensor. The unit then sends the information, then the memory and processor to be converted to the appropriate media for playback.

Laser Lens: They are used to focus light from laser beams. You can clean the Laser Lens to check the abnormal point.

Secondly, about DVD driver software, sometimes, you don’t pay attention to these files, you may delete some important files,such as: decode parts when you clean your computer. It is easy to check, you can download a new one, then play your DVD to test. Sometimes there are bugs within the firmware of the DVD drive. You need to update to the advanced version to do test.

The Terminal Side is OK?

The middle device is DVD player, if you have made sure the source side is normal, the middle side is normal too. We will move to the terminal side to check. As we have said before, DVD player can’t play DVD because of the DVD coding production which only can play on region-locked DVD players. You can replace another different DVD to test this point. If still can’t be played, You can replace a new advanced DVD player or you can download a DVD ripper to help you to remove the DVD coding production. Here list some formats that main popular DVD players support for your reference. About how to choose a DVD player, you can click here.

DVD Formats for Main Popular DVD Players

popular dvd player

Do You Want to Find the Best Ways to Solve the Problem?

From above analysis. You should pay attention to DVD and prevent being damaged. You also pay attention to your DVD drive when you clean your computer. You may also need to download a decoder to play. It is so tedious. Everyone wants to find a permanent way for saving more time to do other more important things. So I recommend you 2 best solutions. Solution 1 is to copy your DVD for backup. Solution 2 is to convert DVD to other video formats which DVD player can support and save to your computer, external hard drive ,USB, Cloud or NAS. Then you won’t worry the DVD body or DVD drive or DVD player problems any more.

How to find a powerful software which can remove any DVD production also can copy DVD? You are lucky to be here. One software which I have used for a long time,though my reproductive tests and operation, I will recommend you the Pavtube ByteCopy with my credit guarantee.

* Friendly Operation Interface

Bytecopy can remove any DVD production. You can find the interface is friendly when you read the following contents, you can master it in one 1 minute or faster.

* Amazing Speed

Maybe you are worried about the ripping speed? It is vain.Bytecopy can rip DVD as quick as possible, also can rip abundant DVD at the same time.

* 100% Video Quality Output

Bytecopy can preserve a 100% DVD VOB movie without extras. You can copy total DVD files or choose to copy the main title files with high quality.

* Suprised Visual Enjoyment

Can your DVD player support to to play 4K screen video? If can, you can convert DVD to H.265 HD video, then at “setting”, choose”Size(pix)”and set it to 4K parameter(Tip: If you can’t find the 4K choice, you can input the size: manually). If you also like watching 3D movie, you can convert video to 3D directly, then watch it on your VR device.

* Treasure Box

As long as you want, Bytecopy all can satisfy you. It is exactly my treasure box. It not only helps me to save time, expect easy rip DVD. It also help me to save money. Do you want to have one like me? Do you can’t wait to try this complete software? Click here: Free download & Buy.

Here will show you to convert a DVD file to MP4, you can enjoy it on your TVs directly. If you want to master more operation skills, you can go to here.

Best Way 1:Copy DVD to Another Empty DVD for Playing with DVD Player

Step 1. Import your DVD files.

Generally, when you insert your DVD to the DVD drive, Bytecopy can detect DVD automatically.

Step 2. Choose Copy DVD Output Format and Location

Click “File”to choose your DVD burning format: As “DVD NTSC (16:9)” for example and click “Browse”; to choose the save location.

Tip:DVD NTSC(16:9) is different from the DVD PAL(4:3). Main differences is that 16:9 is for wide screen and 4:3 is for normal display. For more information, please refer to here.

DVD copy

Step 3. Start Converting

Click the”Convert”button to start converting.

Step 4. Copy to Empty DVD

Find your output DVD file, there are 2 ways to do based on your DVD category, First, if your DVD is recordable DVD( DVD can write and erase repeatedly, like USB flash drive, you can delete, write, read DVD anytime), then copy DVD VOB file to your empty DVD. But if your DVD is prerecorded DVD, you can’t copy the VOB file to DVD, you need a a professional DVD burning software:Pavtube DVD Creator. You can read here to know the detailed operation steps.
How to judge your DVD category? Please refer to the following table.

DVD Category Information

DVD category

Best Way 2:Convert the DVD to Other Formats for Playing with DVD Player

Step 1. Import your DVD files 

Insert DVD to drive. Open the software. Click “File” to load the DVD movies to the program.

Tips: This ripper can automatically detect the main title of the DVD. And before the conversion, you can choose desired subtitle and forced subtitle.

load dvd interface

Step 2. Choose The Output and Save Location

Click “Format” to choose output format, Because most of DVD players can play MP4 format, here is Panasonic TV (*.MP4) as the example, then click “Browse” to choose save location. Actually you can also choose other TVs.


Step 3. Start Converting

Click the “Convert”button to start converting. If you are still a little confused about the process, I make the flow chart to help you to operate easily.

DVD convert flow

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