Five Items Needed For a Home Theater

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A home movie theater allows you to bring the excitement of the big screen to your house, and that is why so many people are going in this direction so that they can have fabulous experiences without leaving the house. The problem with the home theater is that it consists of many different parts that need to work together, and it can be a real pain to ensure that you are combining the right elements.

home theater

So you need thoughtful planning and careful selection before assembling your home theater makes the experience that much better, and this guide will show you how to plan and buy the right items to put together a good home theater that you will be proud to show it off.

Building a Home Theater

Building a home theater requires the necessary home theater components, such as a TV, a surround sound system, a Blu-ray player, receiver, and furniture.

1. TV


When choosing your TV for your home theater, try to go for the largest screen you can afford. After all, if you want the full movie theater experience, size comes into play. Try to at least go with a 40 inch if you cannot afford larger. For best viewing, the distance between the viewer and the screen should equal about three times the screen size. So a 40-inch TV is best viewed from a distance of 120 inches.

2. Speakers

To reproduce the movie theater experience at home, you need the right audio too — usually five speakers and one subwoofer. Dolby Digital 5.1 breaks down audio into six speakers. Dialogue is sent to one of three front speakers, ambient sounds to a pair of rear speakers, and low-frequency base to the subwoofer.

3. Blu-ray Player

blu-ray player

Do your research on what Blu-ray player is right for you. The popular choice to pick a player that has wi-fi, Netflix, Pandora and other apps installed. However, some Blu-ray players don’t offer free upgrade, some ones crash again and again when playing, some players can’t deal with the latest Blu-ray protection, and even some have complex workflow. So here an easy way to solve your problem.

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4. Receivers

The receiver decodes signals from the player, satellite, cable and then routes them to the television and speakers.

5. Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your home theater is important to keep that movie theater look. Choose home theater seating that will seat the appropriate amount of guests. Think about installing a TV wall mount to enhance the look of the TV. Tuck wiring and cables when possible to keep a low profile.

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