Efficient Way to Add Subtitles to Video in Movie Maker

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Efficient way to add subtitles to a video in Movie Maker

With the electronic equipment development, we can use all kinds of video device to take the video, when your birthday is coming, you can record the happy memory with you friends or family, maybe you’ll be a mom, you must want to record the stirring moment. Lovers are more like to record every minutes in their life. There is too many places we need to record, life is so beautiful. But how to edit your wanted subtitles in these videos by yourself to make your video more wonderful? I recommend 2 ways to add subtitles in the video to share with you.

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Efficient Way:With the Help of Movie Maker

Step 1. Find the “Caption”

Open your Movie Maker, then click “Home”, choose”Caption”, you can edit the subtitle with your own characters. Right Windows show the movie in detail, you can right click your mouse to choose the adding subtitle position.

Step 2. Edit the Subtitles

If you want to edit the text, go to the “Format”. You may simply choose the text or you can see different text tools. You can alter the location, transparency, color, size and the font of the text. you may also apply different text effect in your text which can make them more visually appealing.


Just 2 steps, we can add subtitles to your video, it’s very easy. But nothing is 100% perfect, I think you may meet the same problems with me when you are adding subtitles to a video in Movie Maker. Such as:

Scenario 1:

I update my computer to windows 10, found I can’t install Movie Maker. WHY? I searched on the windows official website, found it said “you’ll need to download the installer for Windows Essentials 2012, Windows Essentials 2012 suite reached end of support on January 10, 2017". So I miss the due date and can’t install it any more.

Scenario 2:

If the video time is too long, I will take a long time to edit these subtitles step by step. If I want to add a complete subtitles to the video, how to do?

A Better Way: With the Help of Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Have you heard about Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, a powerful software. here is top 4 points which attracted me most.

Point 1:It can support Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10. Even your system is Window 10, you can still install it. Do you Want Mac Version? Please click here to get Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac

Point 2:Simple edit interface, when you add the subtitle, this software can support 3 kinds subtitles:SRT/ ASS/ SSA. Do you know the differences among SRT/ ASS/ SSA?

SRT File:

-It’s just a “clean-text” without any style (Just white text, placed at the bottom of video)

-Visible to any video resolutions (font size will perfectly match even with the lowest video resolution)

-Can be played by most of video players, it can be played at “TV” too


-Has so many fancy styles (like karaoke, font color, font size, font type, can put the text everywhere at the video, no limitation for “one line” max characters, can use Kanji font)

-Depend on video resolution (u can choose your own font size, so if the video resolution is lower than script resolution, it would be bigger and annoying)

-Video players that can play ASS/SSA file are limited.
Point 3: You can clearly observe the effect. You can find any edit tool in the edit interface. Such as: add your subtitles, alter the video background color, audio replace, add video watermark, alter the text, do video cutting to decide the video length etc.

Point 4: After adding subtitles, you can decide the output video format, any video or audio formats you can realize with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate.

For more information, click here and? try it,if you love this software, you can buy and own it forever. Following let’s review the adding subtitles?function.

Steps on Adding Subtitles in Video with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Open Video

Open the software and click the red mark to add your video to the software.

load file

Step 2. Enter Edit Interface

Click the pen(green mark in the picture) to enter the edit interface. it will show you two windows, left window is original video preview. Right is the output video preview, you can observe the output video effect at the right window.

Image result for load file Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Step 3. Add Subtitles to the Video

There are many choices under the edit column, choose “Subtitle”. At the beginning, we find the content is gray, it means you can’t edit. You should check
“Enable”, then you can click “Browse”and choose your ready subtitle file, Click”OK”, it will be added into the video.

Step 4. Save Output Video

How to save the output video, you can click “File”?to set the output video format, click “Browse”?to set the output video save location. After setting is ready, you can click “Convert”, your video will be in the save location.

output format

It’s a very meaningful thing to add subtitles to your recorded video by yourself. Although adding subtitles with Movie Maker is a little regret, you can use Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate instead, which adding steps is easy and can finish with fast speed, after adding subtitles, you can give your friends as a precious gift.

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