Tips for Maintaining Your Home Blu-ray Library

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Overview: For Blu-ray movie fans, watch all kinds of Blu-ray movies is a happy thing, you can spend an unforgettable weekend at home, share the latest movies with your husband, children or close friends. However, multiple DVD disc will take another trouble: Frail disc which is easy to be damaged, scratched, etc. You must don’t want to pay money on the same Blu-ray disc again. Then how do you maintain your home Blu-ray library? Have you found the best way to do? This post will provides some tips for you, hope you can find your desired solution to maintain your home Blu-ray library.

Tips for Maintaining Your Home Blu-ray Library

*Safe Storage Space

We all know the disc is the plastic material, you can’t put too heavy things on the disc, When you have collected many, even 100+ Blu-ray disc, you need to find a big and special space for them, like: A Blu-ray bag, a big shelf, or store in bed. You can choose a special room for Blu-ray disc.

*Clean Blu-ray disc frequently

Another condition we often ignore it: Keep the disc at somewhere for a long time, the Blu-ray discs will be convered in dust, you need to keep them clean. You can  choose microfiber cloth, using outward strokes from the center to the edge, wipe down the entire disc. Blu-ray discs are a bit stronger than a standard DVD so you can use more pressure to get out tough smudges.

*Temperature and Relative Humidity

Blu-ray disc is easy to be affected by the temperature and relative Humidity: Discs kept in a cooler, less-humid environment and not subjected to extreme environmental changes should last longer.

*Light Exposure

Another point you need to pay attention is the Light Exposure.If you keep the Blu-ray at the strong Light place, Any effect of light on the disc would involve degradation of the polycarbonate substrate (plastic) and would become noticeable only after several decades of exposure to daily storage facility lighting or sunlight through windows. These strong light areas will then result in errors when Blu-ray player reads by the laser.

Best Way to Maintain Your Home Blu-ray Library

In general, Blu-ray disc life is limited, even though you pay attention all above tips and maintain the Blu-ray disc well, you still can’t avoid the tragedy. How to maintain the Blu-ray movies forever and don’t need to spend much time and energy on it? Backup Blu-ray to digital video formats is the best option, you can save the digital Blu-ray movies to USB, a external hard drive, or upload the digital Blu-ray movies to NAS, so cool.

You just need a Blu-ray Ripper, then you can maintain Blu-ray disc forever, I high recomend Pavtube Bytecopy which won’t let you down. Sometimes, you can’t play the Blu-ray disc on special Blu-ray player due to the Blu-ray region code, here, this software is easy to use and can help you to remove almost all Blu-ray protection, like: AACS, BD+, RC, BD-Live, UOPs, Blu-ray region code, etc.

You not only can load the Blu-ray disc toit,you also can load the Blu-ray image, Blu-ray folder to it, then you can choose any video formats for different purposes, like: MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV,WMV, etc. Especially the loseless MKV video which can keep all the Blu-tay movie chapters, audio tracks, subtitles. You can get rid of the Blu-ray disc and heavy Blu-ray player forever, then you can play Blu-ray disc on TV, iPad, iPhone, etc. You also can upload the video to NAS for storage, save them to external hard drive.

Another you need to know is that you don’t worry about the video quality, you even can decide the output video quality, you can change the video resolution for getting differnet video quality,like: SD video, HD video, 4K video, if your TV can support 3D video, you can get free 3D movie from common Blu-ray disc. More information, you can read this review.

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Qucick Guide: Backup Blu-ray with Best Blu-ray Ripper

Step 1. Load Blu-ray disc

No doubt, you need to install this software and launch it smoothly, you don’t worry this software is unstable, can’t open, interruption issue and so on. This Blu-ray Ripper is very easy to do, you can drag the Blu-ray to the left window directly, you also can choose to click File and load Blu-ray disc to it. Blu-ray image and folder are all supported too. At the right window, you can watch the movie.

load Blu-ray

Step 2. Choose output video format

Backup Blu-ray disc is the wise option, you can click Format and open the output video format list, here, you can chooose any video formats you like. For example: You can play Blu-ray on iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. You also can choose to edit Blu-ray movie on some NLE software, such as: iMovie, Sony Vegas, FCP, etc. All decisions are decided by you.

dvd to h,264 video

Step 3. Start to backup Blu-ray.

After all setting is completed, hit right-bottom “Convert” button which is at the main interface, the begin the conversion from Blu-ray to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc video formats. Wait for a while, you can get your desired video formats, then you can maintain Blu-ray movie at will.

Just 3 cliks, you can prevent Blu-ray from various accidents. By the way, this softwrae also en excellent DVD Ripper, you also can follow the same steps and maintain your DVD discs too. Good luck to you.

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