Play 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD Audio on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

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Have you met theses issues when you play 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD Audio on Mac (macOS High Sierra)?

Even though HD video and 4K video are so popular at present. 3D is still at the leading position which can bring us the unbelievable visual experience. As a 3D movies fan you must know Kodi which is a wonderful player which can play the video, audio, photos, podcasts. Best of all, you can play 3D video on Kodi which can support play 3D video. However, there is a little trouble you may meet when you play the 3D ISO files on Kodi, for example:

Trouble 1. You have both a 2D& 3D iso’s and you are browsing with kodi, the iso’s don’t show up as 2D or 3D. The file type (eg HD, SD) is empty. What’s happening?

Trouble 2. You have set the video as the Kodi "Video Setting" position, why the screen is black, who knows the truth?

Do you know the reason why you can’t play 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD Audio on Mac (macOS High Sierra)?

As a perfect 3D player, Kodi can support many video and audio format, however, this player can’t support s video which is decoding of MVC (Multiview Video Coding) encoded 3D videos, which is the format most commonly used in raw Blu-ray 3D backups/rips (and on original Blu-ray Disc media with stereoscopic video. So if your 3D ISO files is decoded with MVC, you may miss the player. Except the 3D MVC video, Kodia can’t deal with the 3D ISO files, If you stick to watch 3D ISO files on Kodia, you must transcode 3D ISO files to Kodi compatible 3D format.

Actually, you may meet some other problems when you play the 3D ISO files on Kodi, whatever the playback phenomenons are, the frames are dim. The playback is done suddenly? You just know you can’t play the 3D ISO files on Kodi smoothly. Is there any way to get 3D ISO’s to be marked as 3D when browsing you 3D files on Kodi? Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, following content can help you to solve these issues.

TIP 1. Kodi Supported common video formats are for your reference.

Container formats Video formats Audio formats
AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV/MKA (Matroska), QuickTime, MP4, M4A, AAC, Ogg, OGM, RealMedia RAM/RM/RV/RA/RMVB, 3gp MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.263, MPEG-4 SP and ASP, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), H.265 (as from Kodi 14) HuffYUV, MJPEG, RealVideo, RMVB, WMV  MIDI, AIFF, WAV/WAVE, AIFF, MP2, MP3, AAC, DTS, ALAC, AMR, FLAC, RealAudio, WMA 

TIP 2. Kodi Supported 3D video formats are for your reference.

3D Stereoscopic side-by-side Stereoscopic top-and-bottom
.3D. .sbs. .tab.
-3d- .SBS. .TAB.
3d .HSBS. .HTAB.
_3d_ _ -hsbs- -htab-
.3D- _sbs_ _tab_
.3D sbs tab

Do you know how to play 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD Audio on Mac (macOS High Sierra)?

You know that Kodia can’t support the 3D ISO files, whatever the 3D movie decode, you need a third 3D converter which can help you to 3D ISO files to Kodi compatible 3D format. Then you can play the 3D ISO files on Kodi favourably. Do you know what the 3D format that Kodia can support? You can refer to the following table to know the Kodi supported 3D video format. Another important tasi is to find a 3D ISO converter, you don’t take too much time to search this software, by abundant test and verify, I recommend you a best 3D converter: Pautube Bytecopy for Mac, which can support DVD disc, DVD ISO and DVD IFO 3 kinds files. Based on above table, you can know Kodi support 3D formats, this 3D converter can convert 3D ISO files toKodi supported 3D SBS/TAB/Anaglyph. formats.

In addition, you can choose Side-by-Side, Top and Bottom and Anaglyph 3D effect with AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV or MKV formats which are all supported by Kodi. Best of all, you can set the 3D video and audio parameters, such as: Video/ Audio codec, video frame, video bitrate, audio channels, etc. If you want to make your 3D video special, you can adjust the video background, brightness, add watermark, subtitles in video. you can change the video aspect ratio, etc. If you want to know more, you can read this article to get more information.

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Use the best 3D converter to play 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD Audio on Mac

Step 1. Open the 3D converter or Mac and load 3D ISO file.

When you click above "Trial" button, this software will download to your computer in 2 minutes, you don’t uncompress it and click the .dmg file and follow the navigation, just 4 click, you can get the best 3D converter. then import your 3D ISO file into the software by clicking “File” > “Load ISO/IFO”, you can also add Video_TS folder or DVD disc into the program.


Step 2. Choose output file format.

The 3D converter interface is user-friendly, you can find the output format choices quickly and easily, just click the "Format" bar at the software left side, then click "3D Video", you can choose any 3D video format as the output from the format list. This 3D converter support 5 kinds 3D video formats: 3D MKV, 3D MP4,3D MOV, 3D WMV, 3D AVI, you can choose anyone, such as: “MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4)” as the Kodi desired output format.

Choose Kodi supported 3D SBS format

Step 3. Set and Edit 3D movies.

Setting Menu: Click the setting button, you can change the video and audio related parameters, such as the video size, video codec, video frame, video bitrate, audio codec, channels, etc. You can convert 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD Audio. If you don’t know the video and audio codec well, you can choose the original as the output, because this software have preinstalled all the best parameters for you.

Editing Menu: In this 3D converter, you can active the “Editor” function, then click the Edit icon on the tool bar of main interface to open the Editor Window, you can play and preview the original 3D movies and output effects. Also you can flip 3D video, trim, crop, add effect, reset, and adjust volume. If you want to get more visual enjoyment, you can adjust the aspect ratio by clicking the "Crop" and choose enable "Operation Set", at the list, you have 6 choices, also you can adjust the full screen in Kodi, just click Kodi’s "window mode" in Settings -> System -> Video output must use normal "Full screen".


Step 4: Begin the conversion process on Mac.

Kodi hardware acceleration is not provided for full SBS or full TAB movies, it means that users will need playback hardware with adequate CPU power. This 3D converter is your best choices which can convert video with fast speed., do you want to experience it? just click the Convert button on the right-bottom main interface, you can go to Conversion window to start conversion.

For a while, after the conversion, you can click Open output folder to popup output directory with the converted files. Then you will have no problem to play 3D ISO files on Kodi with HD audio, is it easy I believe you have mastered this software, there are many other functions in this 3D converter, you can install it and try for some times, you will love it.

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