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How to backup DVD movies and preserve chapter markers?

Diana Joan

Oct 15, 2014 07:55 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Blu-ray

I have a collection of family DVD movies, but some of them have scratched and unable to watch. Hence, I want to copy them to my computer hard disk so that I can keep the movies permanently and share them with my family and friends at any time. I have tried some software, everthing is so good, except there are no chapter markers. I’m confused, as I cannot skip when viewing my DVD movies without chapter markers.

Rip DVD movies with retaining chapter markers

With such a tough task, I had spent a lot of time searching online, tried several SWs – some ok but always something that does not quite to do what I need.

At first, I find HandBrake which can include chapter markers when you use the MP4 or MKV file formats. To view the chapters in QuickTime or on the AppleTV, be sure to end your movies’ file names with .m4v instead of .mp4...

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