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Backup 2D/3D/4K Blu-ray to BDMV on Mac (macOS High Sierra) in 2 click

Diana Joan

Mar 12, 2017 07:02 pm / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Blu-ray

Why do you need to backup 2D/3D/4K Blu-ray to BDMV on Mac (macOS High Sierra)?

It’s known to all that the Blu-ray is very popular today. 2D Blu-ray can bring us the 1080P HD video enjoyment. 3D Blu-ray can take you to the amazing fictitious world. 4K Blu-ray is wonderful which you can get the visual impact force. However whatever your Blu-ray is so powerful, they are all fragile and easy to be damaged. Once the Blu-ray is scratched, you can’t play it on Mac any more. Also, you may be confused by another question: Blu-ray will take much space to save, when you go outside and have a trip, it’s really inconvenient.

A new Blu-ray storage format: BDMV format, so most Blu-ray can be stored as BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders. But most media player can’t support play BDMV files...

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