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How to Remove 3D Blu-ray Region Code

Diana Joan

Mar 06, 2017 06:43 pm / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Blu-ray, NAS

3D Blu-ray is a very popular. More and more people like to enjoy the 3D Blu-ray on Blu-ray player at home. However, when you get a new 3D Blu-ray from another country, you may meet some issues, for example: You live in the China, you go to another country, such as: USA and buy a new 3D Blu-ray from there, then you can’t play the 3D Blu-ray on your Blu-ray player, because the discs have been embedded with a region code for the US, they are only able to play on a North American Blu-ray System. Sometimes, even though disc player set to USA, you can’t still play the 3D Blu-ray smoothly, why? most of people are confused with the region code: If you set the drive, it doesn’t work, because the region on Blu-ray discs is set by the Blu-ray player software not the drive itself...

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