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Get the Top 3D Projectors in 2017 to Make a Home Theater

Diana Joan

Aug 25, 2014 08:52 am / Posted by Diana Joan | Categories: Hot Topics

As you all know, in a theatre, when you see a 3D movie, you have an immersive experience, due to the huge screen you look at, whereas a 3D LCD display only looks like a box with people trapped inside it. Nowadays, 3D projectors are much more widespread than what they used to be, say, 2 years ago, from movies to TV channels in full HD 3D, and the prices of 3D equipment have gone down.

3D projector

So which is the top 3D Projector in 2017 for you to choose for 3D entertainment?

Because 3D projectors are commonly available nowadays, there are hundreds of models out there, with prices ranging from $1500 or less (for low end models) and going up to $5000 in some cases, or even more. We present to you a short list of 3D projectors, best suited for the average user or for home theatre aficionados...

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